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OUR VISIONFeel the difference

With Entity’s pioneering drug formulation, development and regulatory experts, we seek to develop therapies and products that combat the ravages of aging and improve quality of life for those with chronic illnesses and debilitating conditions. Allowing you to become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself – amplified by science.

OUR MISSIONCreated by science, perfected by experts

We thrive to combine innovative formulations and delivery systems to bring you science based nutraceuticals that improve your health right down to a cellular level. All designed by our team of in-house specialists in medicine, pharmacy, drug delivery and nutrition to restore your body from inside out. Age is just a number; life is as exciting as before.


Formulation Experts

All of our products are formulated by our in-house team of scientific experts in medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, novel delivery systems and product stability.

Our procurement team sources globally for the highest quality raw material ingredients - highly concentrated and bioavailable herbal extracts to provide consistency in our finished products.

Quality Control

All of our products are manufactured and tested under stringent TGA-approved cGMP conditions in our wholly owned facility in Melbourne, Australia.

Proprietary Technology

State-of-the-art production equipment, including our own proprietary freeze-drying wafer line which optimises sublingual (under the tongue) delivery of our Glutathione & Melatonin wafer products.

HOW WE’RE DIFFERENTUnique to you and your condition

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all kind of approach in health supplements. At Entity, we’ve harnessed the latest advancements in science to bring you a line of the finest nutraceuticals individually targeted to a wide range of conditions – all so you can feel your very best in a real, tangible way. No guesswork, no hoping for the best. We ensure that what you put in your body does exactly what you want it to – and nothing else.

WAFERIX® TECHNOLOGYPatented Delivery – as featured in our RadianiX®

WaferiX® is a patented sublingual (that’s science speak for under the tongue) wafer technology. The wafer dissolves in the sublingual space within a minute, allowing for rapid absorption directly into the adjacent blood vessels through the thin mucosal membrane.

WAFERIX® TECHNOLOGYThe beneficial characteristics of WaferiX® include

  • Rapid disintegration within one minute
  • Rapid absorption and onset of therapeutic action
  • Higher bioavailability due to reduced hepatic first pass metabolism (bypassing the digestive G.I. tract)
  • Well tolerated with no after-taste and gritty feeling
  • Non-invasive